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5 Reasons Behind Breast Pain

Breast pain, aka ‘mastalgia’, accounts for nearly half of all breast-related complaints. However, before you start jumping to dire conclusions (breast cancer!), please read this. If you’re suffering from pain, tenderness or increased sensitivity to touch or pressure in one or both of your breasts, we can understand that you’re probably terrified and imagining the […]

16 Signs There’s A Toxic, Congested Lymph In The Body And How To Help Drain It

Since we are constantly surrounded by numerous toxins from various sources, and lead fast-paced lifestyles, toxins start to accumulate and clog the lymphatic system, residing the body in stress and weakening the immunity. According to Medical News Today: “The lymphatic system is part of the immune system. It also maintains fluid balance and plays a […]

Correct Way To Use A Sanitary Towel

Sanitary pads are intrinsic to a woman’s life. They need it every month, and if the sanitary pads aren’t hygienic, it leads to infection. So, it is of the utmost importance that one actually uses a sanitary pad which is extremely hygienic and disposes of it after a period of time. But also important is […]

Your Toes Say A Lot About Your Future, And Personality: See How The Length Determines Whether You’ll Be Rich And Happy!

Your Toes Say a Lot About Your Future, and Personality: See How the Length Determines Whether You’ll be Rich and Happy! Are your toes larger or smaller? Which toe is the longest and which is the smallest? Are your feet narrow or wide? All these characteristics can tell a lot about your personality and even […]