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10 Signs You May Have a Thyroid Problem. Read How to Find Out About it And How to Fix it!!

More than 25 million individuals have problems with the thyroid gland, and half of those people are not sure what they should and shouldn’t do. Hypothyroidism (beneath-active thyroid), is responsible for 90% of the thyroid problems. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland on the front side of the neck, which is very vital for our […]

Cure For The Whole Body: Recipe Of The Old Monks Makes Miracles

This amazing and very simple to prepare recipe is enrolled more than 2,000 years ago, and the prepared drink cure diabetes, cholesterol, strengthens the immune system and cleans the blood. Also prevents tumors, significantly improves vision and rejuvenates the body. Very interesting fact is that this recipe was found in an ancient monastery in Tibet written […]


Herbs possess numerous health benefits and they are mostly beneficial in regulating the hormonal balance. Some of the most beneficial herbs used for hormonal balance include: myrtle, sandalwood, clary sage, lavender, holy basil and thyme. What does hormonal balance mean? We are taking about: – Thyroid hormones: thyroxin and triiodothyronine are produced by the thyroid […]

Ginger And Moringa: The Miraculous Combination That Fights The Deadliest Diseases Of The 21st Century!

Moringa and ginger are one of the most effective natural remedies known to mankind, but according to recent studies, a combination of these two amazing plants gives even better results. The secret to unlocking their health benefits is to combine them in the right proportions. Before we reveal the miraculous combination that will resolve even […]