4 reasons why even people in loving, mature relationships may cheat

Most people think that cheaters have a mental disease or a form of emotional immaturity that shoves them into cheating, and sometimes it is true.

However, sometimes a person who cheats has an attachment disorder or unresolved childhood trauma and he uses cheating to distract yourself from hurtful feelings.

Some relationships experience the lack of sex or emotional closeness, so a person who cheat is looking someone for one-night stand to fill the void. However, sometimes a person who cheat loves her partner, but still cheat on.

In this article, we would like to explain you why people which are happy in their relationship might cheat, risking their marriage. Are you interested? Scroll down to read this article right now.

#1. They explore themselves

Searching for a new sense of self is one of the most powerful reason for cheating. Some cheaters like exploring the hidden parts of themselves. They want to explore the world, feel young and carefree again.

#2. They believe that a forbidden fruit is so much sweeter

Sometimes people who are happy in relationships say that they feel like teenagers when they’re hiding something and cheat. They like breaking rules and feel that forbidden excitement. When a husband knows that he is supposed to be faithful, he wants to have an affair even more.

#3. They regret about the lost opportunities and want to live someone else’s life for a while

Sometimes cheaters dream about missed opportunities. They may feel that they cannot fully enjoy life, so they choose forbidden sex to understand who they might have been if they’d chosen the other way.

#4. They like to explore new emotions

People who cheat when they are in love may experience the lack of emotions. So they use cheating to release their hidden emotions and explore this world.

Whatever the reason, it can be really hard to survive the betrayal of a significant one. And no matter the cause of the betrayal, there is no justificatory reason to do it.