6 Deadly Things You Might Be Doing During a Period

Trust me honey, we’ve all been there. We know how painful it is and we know it can get unbearable at times.

Periods are one of the worst things we have to suffer as women, but at the same time, it’s the greatest blessing, even though a burden, because it’s the one thing that allows us to carry life inside us.

But, when you’re not planning on carrying that magical life inside of you, getting your period every month can become just a simple pain in the butt that you just have to bear over and over again.

There are some things that all women tend to do when they’re on their period but are actually harmful all things considered. Check them out and see whether you’re doing some of those or not – and if the answer is yes, it’s about time to quit.

1. Don’t Pig Out On Salty Snacks

Salty food can make your symptoms even worse, so you’re not doing yourself any favors by devouring the chips or the pizza sticks. The cravings are bad, but they only last for so long, they’ll go away, just bear with us.

2. Don’t Eat Or Drink Dairy

Dairy is definitely not your friend when you’re on your period. Eating or drinking dairy will make you feel gassier and even more bloated when you’re already bloated enough. Now, who would want that?

3. Don’t Have Unprotected Intercourse

When you are on your period, your cervix is slightly dilated and it’s way easier for bacteria to penetrate inside. And just generally speaking, unless you’re trying to make a baby – which you technically can’t while you’re menstruating – unprotected sex is never a good idea.

4. Don’t Pull An All Nighter

Inadequate sleep will mess with your hormones and make your body release more cortisol – the stress hormone. Like periods are not stressful enough? Don’t do that to yourself.

5. Don’t Indulge In Caffeine

Caffeine can make your cramps worse and can make you feel even more irritated than you already are going to be.

6. Don’t Get Yourself Waxed

Pain receptors are extra sensitive while you’re on your period, so if you want to experience a new level of pain, yeah, be my guest. Otherwise, maybe do it once your period is over.