9 Common Underwear Mistakes Women Make, And How to Avoid Them

Buying underwear and finding the right bra takes time. And you’re always in that dilemma between comfort and pretty. What should you decide when buying underwear?

Here are the most common mistakes every woman does when she is buying underwear, whether it is panties or bras.

1. Underwear that suits the shape of your body

Let’s be honest, you’ve already realized which type of underwear is just not right for you, and though you want to wear it – it’s better not to. Why make something beautiful – no so beautiful? A pear body shape should wear lace shorts, while curved women should wear high-rise underwear.

2. Fabric of the underwear

Never wear lacy underwear with tight cotton or lycra materials. Also, never wear them with silk as well. it will create a creating roughness and destroy the smooth and elegant look you’re aiming for.

3. The bra size

The myth that wearing a smaller bra to make your cleavage look fuller, is such a silly thing. First of all, you show that you’re wearing something too small for you and second – the tightness decreases your blood flow, that might make discomforts and itchiness in your back and under your breasts. If you want fuller looking breasts – invest into a push up!

4. Shapewear

The same advice for buying the fitting shapewear goes here. Never buy shapewear that’s too tight, because you will look silly and extra skin would show off, especially when you sit down, not to talk about the discomfort you will feel during the day and the unhealthy effect tight materials have for your body and health, such as bad posture, itchiness and decreased blood flow.

5. The color of your underwear

Should always match the color of the blouse, skirt or pants you’re wearing. Unless you want to create an effect with wearing a red bra under a visible black crochet blouse… however, for everyday occasions, just stick with this advice.

6. Around the house

Don’t wear the same bra as you do outside. Furthermore, don’t wear a bra at all! If you feel like you’re naked just wearing a blouse or a shirt, wear a sports bra instead and relieve the pain around your breasts and your back.

7. The material of your underwear

Should always contain at least 20% of elastin. The 100% cotton materials are the healthiest and nicest to wear, but last shorter due to the lack of elastin. These clothes tear up apart pretty faster.

8. Matching bra and panties

You might consider this a “special occasions rule”, but, always tend to wear matching underwear, because from other perspective, you will always have the same color of underwear for putting in the washing machine! Otherwise, you would just wait for more dark or more white clothes to pile up…Your everyday underwear – should be the so called “sleep panties”. Never wear too much silk or lace materials, for they are bad for the skin, and also feel more uncomfortable.

9. Favorite panties

Though it is proven that the most desirable panties for men, and also, for women are thongs, don’t wear them on a daily bases, because they can be bad for the vagin*l flora.