Author: Laura Bernard

Daily Covid-19 deaths will soon double, expert says, while others warn Thanksgiving gatherings could worsen case surge

Thanksgiving this year comes at a critical point in the country’s battle against Covid-19. The pandemic is already ravaging many American communities and experts fear traditional celebrations and gatherings will in a few weeks translate to a case surge stacked on top of the current one.Every day since November 3, more than 100,000 new infections have been reported. Every day for […]

New 7 Day Lemon Diet Outstanding Results: Body Detox & Fat Burning

As of late,  an impressive measure of excitement on the web with various weight control methods has flooded everywhere. Everything considered, a vast part of them have tumbled, fundamentally in light of the way that it is to a great degree difficult to tail them. In any case, fortunes are yours today. There is an eating schedule that is […]

More Doubt About Benefits of Vitamin D and Omega-3 Supplements

The landmark VITAL study tested the ability of vitamin D and omega-3 (fish oil) supplements—two of the top-selling dietary supplements—to protect against a wide array of diseases. The Harvard-run trial included more than 25,000 generally healthy adults ages 50 and older who were randomly assigned to take vitamin D (2,000 international units, or IU, a […]