Bad Shower Habits For Your Health

A shower is so much more than just a way to clean ourselves. A shower is a morning wake up call, a natural stress relief, an aroma therapy, a bed time story…

However, the skin is the biggest organ in our body. And skin is directly affected by the shower. And through skin many other things can directly affect other organs and metabolitical processes.

Here are some things to think about the next time you take a shower.

Take contrasted showers – once you’re done with the whole shower process, turn on the shower to its fullest. This way, the full shower pressure will directly influence your body pressure, making it even out.

Bathing every single day

The skin creates a surface layer needed for our body to protest itself from outer bacteria and other influences, such as the UV rays. Washing off that layer on a daily bases with all the chemical ingredients, just to smell good, is not such a good idea. We’re not suggesting not to shower every day – just make sure you don’t rub yourself on a daily bases and rinse off with just pure water without any shower gels.

Shower after workout

It’s a natural demand from your body! You want to wash off that smell and sticky sweat, and release the tension from the muscles after a workout. However, don’t cool the body after a workout, taking long walks home, dinner or similar. Make sure to take a shower as soon as possible after the workout, even at the gym if they have one.

Regularly clean the head of the shower

Bacteria and desalination are typical for shower surfaces. Make sure you clean your shower and the shower head at least twice a week.

Never wrap a towel around your hair after showering

Though this is something you see in magazines and TV, it’s not a healthy habit. Wet hair tends to fall off more and the natural oil the scalp produces are scrubbed off with the towel, making your hair look dry and with no volume.

Don’t leave the razor in the shower

We all shave off some hair which is not supposed to be there while showering. However, always take the razor out of the shower because moist makes the iron of the razor to corrode way faster than usual.

The soap dish always has to be dry

Never forget to close the soap right after finishing it, and take out the extra fluids the soap made from time to time. Extra moist is always a perfect place for bacteria and fungus to develop, and you definitely don’t want them in your clean shower place.

Clean the bathtub

If you still have a bathtub instead of a shower, it demands more work for cleaning it. The material the bathtub is made from tends to get bacteria and dirt way more than the tiles in the shower. Always make sure you scrub the bathtub at least twice a week with a scrubbing brush. 

Don’t leave the sponge wet

Like we said, wet grounds are suitable for fungus and bacteria to develop, and you definitely don’t want that on your sponge, the thing you want to wash off bacteria and dirt from your body with instead of just applying more of them on yourself, right?

Always wash and scrub your feet thoroughly

Yes, you’re very tired after the long day or the exhausting workout, and extra bending down is sometimes the last thing on your mind. But don’t forget that the feet and the places between your fingers are the things that collected most of the bacteria through the day. The point of the shower is getting yourself clean, not just smelling good, right?