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A comprehensive guide – How Americans can resist coronavirus shot mandates!

Here is a comprehensive list of resources, including sample exemption letters, for Americans seeking relief from forced coronavirus injections. Subscribe for FREE RedState EXCLUSIVE NEWS to our Telegram Channel. No Need for Payment for VIP NEWS u can read them from HERE ONLY . Keep UP! Patriots!  You have 1 WEEK to join this channel. After that we will activate […]

BOMBSHELL: Man at Center of the Steele Dossier Arrested as Incredibly Based Week Continues

With stunning Republican victories across the country Tuesday, including Glenn Youngkin’s electorate-shifting win in Virginia, I wasn’t sure this week could get more based. But never doubt a news cycle that just won’t quit, and our current one just keeps delivering. News broke a short time ago that Igor Danchenko has been arrested. If you’ve followed my […]

Ted Cruz Nails Garland on the Questions He Needs to Answer Now

Attorney General Merrick Garland is testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee today. He previously testified before the House Judiciary Committee last week. Just as with his House testimony, one of the major targets of the questioning of Garland is his decision to order a federal effort looking into “threats” against school boards. He did that in response […]

Republican Gives Dire Warning to Biden as China Proves Its Missile Tech Is Miles More Ahead Than We Thought

“Complacent.” That’s how Republican Mike Gallagher of the armed services committee described President Joe Biden when it came to his relationship with China, especially now that we witnessed just how far along China’s missile tech is. According to the Daily Mail, China launched a hypersonic nuclear-capable missile designed to travel in low orbit to dodge detection […]

Psaki Defends Klain’s ‘High Class’ Tweet, Touts Economic ‘Progress’ As Inflation Soars

As inflation continues to be a tax on all Americans’ wages and a supply chain crisis goes largely unmitigated, the White House is content to flaunt the economic “progress” President Biden has allegedly made while brushing aside questions about why White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain amplified a claim that economic issues caused by […]

CNN’s Effort to Clean up the Gupta Train Wreck Interview Proves Joe Rogan’s Point

As we reported earlier, Joe Rogan made Dr. Sanjay Gupta squirm by calling out CNN on their spin about COVID in general and about what they said about Rogan specifically. Rogan pressed Gupta on why CNN lied about him taking a “horse dewormer,” and Gupta couldn’t provide any real answer. That’s because he couldn’t say the honest fact: It […]