Doctors Hide This Recipe! Here’s How to Get Rid of Bunions Completely Naturally!

Some inflammatory processes that occur in our bodies can lead to salt deposits known as bunions. Bunions can also appear as a result of wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes.

Bunions appear more in women than in men, but men are also often affected by this unpleasant condition.

Bunions do not come always with pain, but they can affect the quality of life of people. It is enough that they are unattractive and a real pain in the neck if you cannot find the suitable footwear.

Bunions can be removed with surgery, but if you do not like the idea of you going under the knife, you can use a simpler method to get rid of the bunions for good. In this post, we present you a remedy that is completely natural and safe. It will help you eliminate the bunions quickly and painlessly. It will eliminate the salt deposits in your body, which are actually the cause of the bunions, and it will restore the normal state of your feet.

For preparation of this tea remedy, you will need 10oz/300ml of water and one tablespoon of crushed bay leaves. Put the bay leaves in the water and let them cook for about five minutes. Then, put the tea into a thermos, and let it stay there overnight. The following morning, strain the tea. This tea is not supposed to be drunk at once. Instead, you should take small sips of it throughout the whole day. do the same thing every day for one week, always using fresh tea.

This tea will increase your urge for urination, so during this week, you will be visiting the bathroom more often. However, it is a good sign and it indicates that the salt deposits are dissolving and are triggering the bladder.

The first results are going to be visible ten days later. Not only are you going to feel better, but the pain in your joints will also be eliminated. If you want to get rid of bunions for good, drink this bay leaf tea for two months.