Even Cats Want To Save The World And They Are Using Social Media To Do It

nala cat_animal_rescue

In today’s age of social media, it’s incredible to see how influencers and communities can create movements of change. Giving back has become easier than ever with new technology and apps on the rise. One platform, in particular, dailyKARMA, is working alongside a very special cat that has joined in on the fun of paying-it-forward by sharing her paw-sitive message in the hopes of making a difference for her furry friends everywhere.

Meet Nala Cat, animal rescue turned Instagram and Facebook star, who was adopted from a shelter in Castaic, CA at just 5 months old.

Nala Cat recently teamed up with dailyKARMA to help transform her advocacy for animal rescue and adoption into action. With over 7.6M companion animals entering shelters each year, (a stat that has us saying “are you kitten me?!”), Naa’s Cause Fund focuses on supporting nonprofits working hard to improve the lives of animals, including The Humane Society, Milo’s Sanctuary, and Best Friends Animal Society. 

Even Nala Cat’s most recent episode of her Facebook show highlights her desire to give back, featuring a visit to animal rescue Milo’s Sanctuary. Watch the full video “Nala Gives Back”  on Facebook.

As Nala Cat becomes one of the first celebrity pets to give back through dailyKARMA, she is a   purr-fect example of just how easy and fun giving back can be in our daily lives. If a cat can do it, anyone can!

We can all take a note from Nala Cat- no more pro-cat-stination when it comes to changing the world. You can start by earning a few easy #kittykarma points by joining Nala as she gives back. Plus, everyone who donates through Nala Cat’s campaign page this month will receive a special thank you video from the feline, herself. Learn more at bit.ly/NalaGivesBack.