How To Clean Your Feet With Baking Soda? It’s Very Easy. Try This, The Results Are Incredible!

If you have cracked, dry, feet with calluses on them. You should try this home treatment to clean your feet with baking soda. Winter is over now, so you can’t hide this extremely unpleasant issue anymore, that sometimes might be painful.

Don’t worry, we have the perfect and simplest solution. You don’t need to go to doctors or some expensive beauty salons. Actually, you can treat your heels at home, completely natural with only one ingredient, and that is baking soda.

The thing is that baking soda has powerful antiseptic properties, which can help to fight with the microbes and infections. Plus, it reduces water hardness, thus making the perfect environment for your cracked heels.

Using baking soda regularly can give you smooth and beautiful feet. Moreover, it is effective for other skin conditions, but also it is a common inexpensive kitchen ingredient.

How to Clean Your Feet with Baking Soda:


  • 3 tablespoons baking soda
  • 150 oz / 4-5 liters water


At first dissolve, the baking powder in hot water, mix it and soak your feet for about 20 minutes. Afterward, when you have softened your feet well, take a foot scrubber, and thoroughly rub the cracked area. Lastly, clean your feet with lukewarm water, and dry them well.

Optionally, for better results, it is recommended to apply some nourishing cream, vaseline, or homemade foot cream, and put on a pair of cotton socks. Therefore, it’s best to do this before bedtime,  as you can leave the cream to react on your feet. Thus, will deeply moisturize your dry skin.

After the first treatment, you will notice the incredible effects, you may need to repeat this process for about 7 times. Then, make a 1-day break, and repeat after 1 week once again. Accordingly, you will experience even better results.

By doing this treatment 3 times, you’ll easily get smooth and silky feet.