Military Hacks That Save Previous Time And Money !

 Being in the army is what it makes a human complete, some people say. You learn dignity and respect, you strengthen up, you learn about discipline and productivity. Most of all, you learn about patience.

Here are some of the most useful army tricks that can save up your time, efforts and money. Originating from the US military, which is actually an older institution than the USA country, these hacks are probably worth giving a try to, right?

Duct tape your feet

Why? So you can avoid hot spots and blisters. Duct tape will prevent the areas of your feet that rub against the shoes the most from making unpleasant and hurtful wounds. The soldiers do this because the military boots are so heavy and uncomfortable!

Tie “the knot”

Tie some knots before the last holes of your shoes, especially the ones you wear the longest during the day, or in workout. You will prevent the laces going off-center or untying.

First-aid maxi pads

If you end up wounded and with a pretty much terrible, blood-bursting wound, take a maxi-pad and cover the wound with it! It is a much faster and also clean alternative than looking for the first aid kit and cutting out a sterile gauze in the time of need.

Sugar powder

If you end up wounded with a cut open wound, sprinkle some sugar paste or sugar over the wound before covering it. Sugar is creating an environment where bacteria can’t multiple, and that’s what you would want for a cut open wound!

Shine up the shoes

Use a shoe shine like always, but in a more generous amount. Cover them up really good, letting the shine stay for about 15 minutes. Then, use a lighter to go over the covered shine spots – don’t worry! The shine will prevent the damage on your shoes and the fire will make them shiny – like you just bought them from the store! Polish with a wet cloth at the end.

Not made just for running

It’s October and you think about storing the runner tights until spring? Don’t! use them as underwear for the cold winter!


Why buy a fire starter before going camping when you can just apply Vaseline on some cotton? A faster and cheaper way to start a fire, don’t you think?

“The Tail”

If you notice being followed, don’t freak out. Make 4 consecutive turns in a row. This works in 90% of the cases. If your stalker is still following you, call 911 immediately.

Bedmaking is an art

Especially in the military, where you can even get grounded if your bed isn’t made like in a hotel room. Fold the side part of your sheet and tuck it in. fold the footing part after, making a straight angle on the side and tuck it in as well. neat and clean!

“Military Tuck”

Use the military “fold’n’tuck” technique for some really baggy blouses, to look better, than when the shirt is out of your pants, looking like a clown.

Save water and cure yourself

Well, this is a trick you might want to use and stay anonymous when you tip someone to do the same. Peeing in the shower is actually a double benefit – you end up saving water and also, pee cures and also prevents the condition called “athlete’s foot”.

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