Should I Break Up Because I am Depressed?

Should I break up because I am depressed? Mental illness is an “illness”, it is not who you are. It is not a part of your soul, it is a part of your mind and it will heal over time. When you’re in a relationship, you’re with your partner through the good and the bad, in sickness and in health. When one of you is going through a dark time, the other isn’t going to give up on you and leave you alone to suffer through it. You’re supposed to be each other’s strength, you’re supposed to be there for each other and not run away at the first sight of danger. Life is not a walk in the park, mental illness or not.

Mental illness and relationships:

You should not let your depression come between your relationship. I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and it affected my relationship really badly. But now, I’ve come to terms with it. And my wife is very supportive, I have healed because of her. So if you’re suffering from a mental illness, treat it the same as any other illness. You need your partner’s help, you can not be alone in this fight. I couldn’t win this battle alone, we all need help sometimes. You need to tell them how you feel and how important they are for you. Fight this battle together, and get through it!

Don’t give in to the idea of a breakup, because your boyfriend loves you and supports you. He knows what haunts you and he knows how it is in your mind. He will always be there for you and stand by you. He needs nothing more but your trust and faith in the fact that he’s here for you. He’s not scared of your mental illness, he’s only scared of losing you. So be strong and keep hope alive.