Take A Quick Look At Your Little Finger And See Which Of The Descriptions Listed Below Fits Your Personality!

 This might sound like nonsense to you, but did you know that the little finger on your hand can reveal a lot about your personality? If you want to know which personality type are you take a quick look at your finger or try it on a friend and see which description fits.


Short little fingers don’t reach the first knuckle of the ring finger. If you have a short little finger, you are probably shy and introvert when you are surrounded by people you meet for the first time. But, you are different from people you know. It means that you don’t trust everyone, but you have a big heart. These people often daydream and are rarely realistic. But, if they dedicate themselves completely to some task, they can achieve success.


Little fingers with normal length can reach the joint of the ring finger. These people are described as mature and very sensible. They don’t show their feelings and you may get the impression that they are distant and very serious. But, that’s just on the surface. By getting to know them, you will see that they can be very warm, kind, and pleasant.


A long little finger exceeds the first joint of the ring finger. If your little finger matches this description, it means that you are very passionate, charismatic, and charming person. You enjoy being in the center of attention and you are very friendly. These people are also very gifted and hard-working, wanting to prove their qualities.

Same As Ring Finger

If your little finger is almost the same length as your ring finger, you are a natural born leader. You are very dominant, powerful, and able to accomplish your goals. Your closest friends describe you as an open-minded, determined and motivated person. So, no wonder if you end up as a celebrity or as a politician.

Low positioned

If you notice that your little finger is positioned lower than the other, it means that ‘’your words speak louder than your actions.’’ You talk a lot about your plans, but you rarely focus seriously on realizing them.

Square shape

People with little finger whose first joint looks like a rectangle and its tip is flat are pretty direct. This personality trait often brings them troubles when it comes to talking with sensitive people. But, their so-called ‘cruel honesty,’ has a good side too, because they will never talk behind your back.


Does your little finger have a pointy tip? If yes, it means that you possess excellent communication skills and that you are a good orator. Your writing skills are also good and you enjoy learning foreign languages. You are not afraid to take on new challenges.


A curved little finger bends towards the other fingers. These people are very calm and serene. Therefore, they hate conflicts, so don’t try to bother them. They are known for their mediatory abilities and making peace between confronted sides.