The Men’s Secret of The Mornings !

All men wake up with a morning erection. It is a commonly known fact, but hard to understand for the females. Morning activities in bed is definitely something that men crave more than women.

But if you think that’s because men want to have sexual interactions all the time, or dream of them every single night, you’re wrong.

A study was actually conducted regarding this phenomena. The doctors have come to a conclusion that it is not the female partner, it is not the wet dreams.

It’s a medical condition called NPT – nocturnal penile tumescence, and is common for all men, starting their puberty, and it follows them through their life. This symptom has more to do with the fact that guys aren’t focused enough paying attention to their bodies.

An average healthy man has 3 or 4 morning erections per week.

The theory the doctors developed based on the conducted study on why this phenomena occurs, is that during the night, while the brain and body are sleeping, the pen*s is actually exercising!

And during the erection, the pens is filled with blood, that hold in that place for an extended period of time, at least until he ej*culates, or maybe, goes to the toilet in the morning.

In the study doctors also concluded that “men will have about four to five erections throughout the night with each lasting approximately 25 minutes”.

Here’s an image which shows the scientific biological process behind getting an erection.

So, men are “ready to go” in the morning, while women’s libido is up later in the day. That’s also a widely common and normal fact.

So, getting intimate shouldn’t always be in the morning or in the evenings…it should be something you both want in the same time, without trying to please the other side, right?

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