These TWO Ingredients Can Heal Your Colon

It’s amazing to think that pharmaceutical companies rake in millions of dollars on pills that either (a) don’t work very well or (b) have natural replacements. This is not to say that some medications aren’t necessary – some absolutely are. But natural remedies that work just as well – if not better – have been around for thousands of years.

Holistic medicine has built a tremendous following because it works, it’s cheap (at least much cheaper than traditional medicine), and we aren’t forced to ingest some unknown pill. The opening quote by Mark Hyman – bestselling author and renowned physician – is a testament to how doctor’s trained in traditional “diagnose and prescribe” medicine have circumvented the entrenched money-hungry establishment of Modern Medicine.

It seems new combinations of well-known ingredients that heal or relieve some common malady are materializing every day. Conducting a simple Google search will produce thousands of remedial ingredients for headaches, muscle pain, arthritis, and countless other health conditions. Take apple cider vinegar and raw honey, for example.

Two common household items – apple cider vinegar and raw honey – can strengthen our immune system, counteract aging properties, and regulate blood pressure, among a multitude of other things.

The mixture can also help to heal our colon – cleansing it of toxic substances that produce a myriad of unhealthy symptoms. Combining apple cider vinegar and raw honey can help reduce inflammation, counteract infection and aid digestion.

Among the numerous areas of our body, the colon is one that doesn’t receive much attention. Although we can’t “feel” pain in the colon as often relative to our other muscles and certain regions of the body, it nonetheless requires care. Also known as the large intestine, a healthy colon is vital for proper digestion and the removal of waste.

Various adverse health conditions can arise if the colon is not properly cared for. Among these conditions are:

– Colitis: inflammation of the colon; usually a result of a bowel disorder or infection.

– Chron’s disease: ulceration of the colon which results in inflammation.

– Diarrhea: frequent, liquidated release of stool.

– Polyps: small, irregular growths that can potentially develop into cancer.

– Colon cancer: cancer of the colon area that affects more than 100,000 Americans each year. Most cases are avoidable through proper care and screenings.

So, how exactly does apple cider vinegar and honey assist in caring for our colon? Explaining this cumulative effect requires a breakdown of each ingredient’s properties.


The apple properties of cider vinegar provide a multitude of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. Combining these properties with vinegar – preferably of the raw and unfiltered variety – helps to ease digestion and protect colon health. More specifically, apple cider promotes the relief of acid reflux, effectively breaking down fats and safeguarding the colon of potent stomach acid. Further, apple cider vinegar binds to toxins and expedites these toxins removal from the body.

Honey not only sweetens the bitter taste of vinegar, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. In a 2013 study published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research, honey’s abundance of antioxidants also helps to defend against illness. The study also states that honey is effective in alleviating sinusitis and other oral problems. Further, honey is also a valuable nutrient that aids in reducing the symptoms of reflux by providing a protective coating of the esophagus.

Mixing these two potent ingredients yields a variety of health benefits for the colon. As stated, a vinegar-honey mixture is a terrific anti-inflammatory formula. Inflammation of the colon is one of the most prolific causes of colon disorders, which is counteracted through the ingestion of vinegar and honey. Secondly, this mixture accentuates the cider vinegar’s anti-toxin properties and aids in ridding the body of toxic substances that can damage the colon.

To recap, the cumulative health benefits of apple cider vinegar and honey for the colon:

– Reduces inflammation of the large intestine.

– Binding to and elimination of numerous toxins within the colon.

– Promotes natural and healthy digestion, a vital function of the colon.

One last thing…the recipe, of course!


– 2 tablespoons of raw honey

– 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

– A glass of warm water


– Mix the honey and vinegar in the warm water.

– Continue to mix the ingredients until the honey is completely dissolved.

That’s it! A glass or two daily is recommended to achieve maximum health benefits. Apart from the mixture’s healthy effect on the colon, it also:

– aids healthy blood circulation

– soothes parts of the throat

– fights fatigue and promotes energy

– helps fight age-related symptoms

– promotes vitality in those with exhaustion