This Ancient Japanese Technique Kills Stress In 5 Minutes!

Stress is a normal part of your life, but it may seriously affect your body and mind. In the short term can lead to, psychological distress, upset stomach, tension headaches, and other symptoms.

But, chronic stress is the response to emotional and physical disorders and has symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, depression, heart attack, nausea, and vomiting.

Unfortunately, everyone experiences stress in today’s lifestyles, which increases the risk of various health conditions. Therefore, if you don’t know how to manage stress, here are some beneficial tips to avoid further complications.

There are various methods, which can help you to successfully reduce your stress. For example,  some of them include methods like meditation, massage, exercise, yoga and so on. But, here we recommend an ancient Japanese technique, which is very successful. This Japanese technique relieves stress in less than 5 minutes, and you can practice it anywhere.

Each finger represents a different feeling or emotion, as follows:

  • The Thumb helps you to relieve of worry and anxiety
  • The Index finger helps to overcome your fears
  • The Middle finger regulates feelings of rage and bitterness
  • The Ring finger treats melancholic depression
  • The Little finger relieves stress, boosts self-esteem and supports optimism

Here is the ancient Japanese technique, which kill stress:

The main goal is to balance all the opposing energy forces in your body. Start by grasping one finger at a time with the opposite hand. Also, warp one finger at a time, it is best to hold every finger for one to two minutes until you feel the pulse.

To bring yourself into a deeper state of relaxation, apply slight pressure to the center of your palm with your opposite thumb and hold for at least one minute.

This technique can greatly reduce your stress and help you relax. Here is a video guide that will provide with an additional demonstration: