This Is The Chart That Actually Shows How Often You Should Be Intimate!

Everyone needs a touch of love and sensuality. But it is really important to practice healthy love-making skills, and start engaging in sensual activities when you want and with the one you truly want.

Freedom in love-making choices and determination is as crucial as having a right to vote.

Kinsey Institute conducted a study, based on which a report was made. It is regarding the healthy love life, the emotional conditions, lifestyle and age of the engaged individuals.

We are all different individuals and thus have our own basic individual and emotional needs and demands. However, how many times each year should an individual be engaged in love-making activities has been revealed thanks to this scientifically based study.

First of all, to answer the basic question – when should someone make physical love? There’s no rule, based on the emotional needs and individual urges.

However, the scientific study found that a female gender is mature enough to engage in physical love at the age of 16.8, while men, at the age of 17.2 years old.

Here are the remaining groups by age, based on their emotional and physical love-making needs and urges:

18-29 years.

The study found that the individuals, both males and females in this group, were making maximum amount of love out of all the other groups, which is around 112 times a year. That is 2.1 times per week, to be precise.

30-39 years.

The study shows that due to an increase of obligations, the physical love-making decreases in this period. “During this time most people get married, start families, and take more responsibility in their jobs which means more stress and less time. The average number of time per year people make love is 86. This means they manage to do it at least once a week”.

40-49 years.

It seems that the urge of physical love decreases as we grow older. The average love-making decreases on only 70 times per year.

50 years and above.

In this group we find interesting results. As the “most stressful years” is believed to have passed, kids are older, finances are no longer an issue for raising children and you have just as much as you need, with less stress and worries yet again comes a great love-making era in your life.

“Almost half of the couples in their sixties and up to mid-seventies continue with making love, but after 75 this number falls drastically to a fourth”.

Also, there are people who consider to remain physically untouched in their lives. “A 2009 study found 122 out of 2,469 men and 104 out of 5,120 women taking part in the study ranging in the age of 25-45 were virgins. This translates into 5% men and 2% women of the overall population”. Interesting statistic!

A number is just a number. And most of the times, it is better to have quality than quantity. However, if you and your partner are not among the average numbers, there’s a possibility you have doubts about either engaging into love-making with them, they are having doubts to engage more with you, or you’re both not so into each other, apparently.

It’s better to discuss this, since physical love making is the root of every healthy relationship and the bases of human existence.

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