Twitter to Maxine Waters: Lady, No One Hacked Your Account

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) says she’s a victim of social media censorship or sabotage. It’s neither. This is a classic episode of ‘old people not knowing how to use social media.’ She didn’t even do anything wrong. Usually, when someone says I was hacked, it’s after an appalling tweet. This was not the case. Waters said that her account was hacked and deleted. The only problem is that she made that declaration on Twitter. We could see her tweet. That obviously was not the issue. Even Twitter has no idea what she’s talking about (via Fox News):

“I have been hacked and my Twitter account has been erased,” the California Democrat posted on Twitter to her more than 1.5 million followers on Tuesday. “I know who has done this. I will take care of this. M Waters.”

A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment on the specifics of the tweet but said in a statement that “as is standard, we have open lines of communication with her office and have worked with them to ensure the account is secure” and that “at this time, we’ve identified no signs of account compromise.”

Waters was widely mocked on Twitter, after the post, by users who pointed out that her tweets on the account were still visible and that she was still able to actively post on the site.

Who runs her account? It cannot be Waters herself, right? I pity whatever staffer who was forced to post this and be roundly mocked, and then later exposed for crying wolf over nothing. Is Waters just starving for attention because I don’t get how this at all? She can’t do ‘impeach 45’ chants. She can’t peddle insane Trump-Russian collusion conspiracy theories on MSNBC. So, she opted to shout out loud that her…Twitter account was hacked when it was not. Maybe it was an innocent error, but nothing is ever simple with Waters, one of the most vocal, left-wing, and at times—unhinged liberals on the Hill.