Urine Beneficial Uses And Why You Should Pee In The Shower?

This is maybe the weirdest thing you have listened until now.

It is good and highly beneficial to pee in the shower.
It is used for good equalizer.

We are all ashamed of this move, and it is quite, we think, unhygienic.

In addition to this post we are going to present you some reasons and benefits which will motivate you to pee in your shower.

1. Saves water

It is very beneficial because it will save a lot of water. We are running out of water, and we need to save it.
This is how you are going to start, in order to pee in the toilet, and splash water you will pee in the shower and the water from the shower will take it away.

2. Sterilize wounds
The pee is a disinfection which will sterilize wounds. In case you have some wound, you can apply pee on it so you will make disinfection. Many doctors and experts are proving this.
Not only the pee will clean the wound, it will help in faster healing.

3. Skin care

The pee can help in treating psoriasis and dermatitis.
The urine s made from urea, which is a fixing ingredient in many skin creams.
The urea is the strongest in the morning.
In case you have some skin problems, you can apply pee on your skin and let it sit, so your skin and wound will be clean.

4. Fungi
You can also use and utilize urine to prevent and treat fungi
The fungal infection is ruining your comfort. With your pee you can eliminate it and prevent it as well.
You can apply some urine on your fungi area, and let it sit overnight. You can use it every day for a couple of weeks and you will see the results.