Woman in Drive-Thru Perfectly Exposes Mask Hysteria

Of all the arguments surrounding the nation’s response to COVID-19, perhaps none crosses the line into continual absurdity as much as those over masks. Mask-mandates have been active at some point or another over the last two years in nearly every city in the country. And as restrictions have been relaxed, that’s led to even more friction between citizens who just want to live their lives and busy-bodies who want to force their hypochondria onto others.

Yet, what has stood out the most during the coronavirus mask wars is how nonsensical many of the provisions are. We’ve all been asked to put on a mask to walk to a restaurant table, at which point we can take our masks off. You know, because the virus apparently cares whether you are eating or not. As an example, I recently visited New Mexico, which they still had a mask-mandate in place. I was made to wear a mask at the hostess podium while less than six feet away, the end of the bar contained unmasked people. It’s all just so stupid.

That’s the theme of the video I’m about to share with you, which is of a woman at the window of a drive-thru being harassed to put on a mask before they can hand her the drink she ordered. She does an excellent job of exposing the idiocy behind the policies that bolster mask hysteria.

The woman continually asks the drive-thru worker why it’s safe for him to hand her a mask but not to just hand her the drink she paid for…and she’s 100% right. What’s being asked of her makes no sense whatsoever. If it’s safe to reach over and give her a piece of cheap, ineffective cloth to put on her face, then it’s obviously safe to hand her a beverage.

This isn’t about safety, though. After all, the interaction in the drive-thru is also taking place outside, where COVID spread is extremely limited. Instead, this is about control and conformity. The policy says you must wear a mask so they demand you wear a mask, common sense need not apply. It does not matter what the data says.

And while some of the responses to the video are criticizing the woman for giving the drive-thru worker a hard time, I have no problem with it. The worker was rude, and at some point, fed-up people have to say enough is enough. If that means pushing back on hourly workers “just following orders,” then so be it. Normalcy will not return until people stop complying.