Women Are Putting Cabbage Leaves On Their Breast, Reason Behind It Will Make You Happy…

The popular trend of placing cabbage leaves on the breasts was started by the European and American women. And the purpose on that ‘trend’ is to relieve the pain and discomfort that is caused when the woman is breastfeeding a baby. But it is also helpful in the cases with pain and stress that has been caused by wearing uncomfortable bra.

There is not actual evidence by researchers if there is really something in the cabbage that helps in soothing the pain and the swelling, or that is because the leaves of a cabbage act as cold compresses. But what researchers actually found out is that it is not only soothing but that it can even help in lessen the breast swelling and pain. And that is only with directly placing cold leaves of cabbage on the breasts.
How to Use Cabbage Leaves for Breast relaxation

– Put the cabbage is refrigerator for an hour. Once it’s cold, Peel off the outer layer of leaves, and throw them away. Then, pull off two of the inner leaves to use.
– Wash these two inner leaves in cold water. You want to be sure that they are clean and free from dirt, pesticides, and residue.
– Cut the leaves so it will fit on your breasts. You shouldn’t cover the nipples.
– Cut the leaves so it will fit on your breasts. You shouldn’t cover the nipples. When they are done, place them on your breasts, wrap around with your bra, and leave the nipples exposed.
– It’s recommended to leave the leaves on your breasts for about 20 minutes.
– You can repeat as long as you get the desired results.

For example if you only want to decrease the breast swelling during the time when you are breastfeeding, when you notice that you are feeling better you should stop with this method.